Hello all. I finaly have opened poslih version of my brokers portal:


I hope Iw ill be able to open English version also.

Even for non-polish traders there will be some comission rabates after opening account. I hope I will make english version with just brokers soon.


I'm closer to opening my broker portal. First it will be in polish.

Opening date should be 05.11.2012.

I will give link to it. Hope You will like it.

I will also show some Price Action trading there,


No clear waves count


I still dont see clear waves count this week. Market is very slow - so I'm waiting with it


AUD/NZD buy signal

AUD/NZD Buy stop 1.28395. SL 1.28200. Based on what I have written about it yesterday: HERE

GBP/USD close to sell signal

GBP/USD reach ideal Fibo grouping level - end of possible wave C on D1.
Momentum on H1 should give sell signal after this bar.

I will put sell stop on about 1.58890


Signal price moved

Sell stop moved to 1.5729. SL without change

First Signal

 GBP/CAD sell stop 1.57171. SL 1.77471.

EUR/USD update of situation

Well short after my post there was a strong brake of those levels.

Let me show You next possible level of retrace:

And now H1 - Momentum is far from singal so there was no danger of opening position:

EUR/USD situation

Now its time for the most popular EUR/USD

Firstly wider look on this pair. I will do it step by step.

So D1:

There is no doubt  we had down trend.

Now its simple ABC correction (it can be something bigger but lets look on what its "closer" to us)

There was A, B now it should be C.

Only Fibo on this screen is last wave down retrace and now price is around 61,8% of it.

Lets go further:

Here its is close look on just AB - possible C formation. 3 Fibo are - A wave projection from B. And 100% (most probable) is on 100% zone.
Next Fibo is reverse projection of wave B - 127,2 is in blue zone and its typical level.
There is also outside projection of wave A and 127,2% is also in blue zone.

So lets conclude: there are not 4 fibo (61,8% of D1 retrace also) levels.

Lets move to H4 leaving blue zone:

There is 3 waves move (it can be abc, or 123) but price stoped almost to pips in 161,8% of wave A from B projectio - what is most typical for wave 3 - but also for wave C. There is another level 161,8% for outside projection of wave A - but bottom of wave B is so close to wave A begin that is should looks like that.

Conclude - EUR/USD is in very strong resistance now. I have already yesterday USA session opened short but I closed it after Momentum made reverse. Now I'm just looking on H1 momentum short signal and open position,

First One AUD/NZD

Let me start with something that really shocked me as very high probable bottom of AUD/NZD.

Sorry for mess in Fibo - but nothing that can be made more on MT4.

So Firstly we have an ABC correction on D1.

Typical bottom for wave C is 100% of wave A projection. Retracement of last move up: 61,8%.

So there are 2 of them.

But going to H4 shows more:

There is 1-4 move here and now I'm looking for bottom of wave 5. And typical for it it is: 100% of wave 1 projection - this is here.
78,6 of 1-3projection it is here.

So there are 4 of most probable Fibo group in 10pips range for D1 and H4. That can be really good trade. But in few days. Patience needed.

Few analysis after long break

As I have written I'm working on portal about brokers.
It's taking me a lot of time - but its hard for trader to give up what he really loves ;) Thats mean trading.

So I have to confess that I was trying and testing few systems - also still skalp with my old system - but I feel that I'm missing something.

Its wider look on market - and analysis. So I decided that I will still trade with Fibo/Elliot/Momentum system.

Main Time Frame is: H4

Entry is on: H1

Signals: When price on H4 will reach possible retrace zone correct with Elliot wave count and there will be at least 2 most probable Fibo levels (for example for wave C it will be inside reverse of last move, projection of wave A from bottom of wave B etc)
that means there can be signal.

Second:  Momentum (DTOSC 13,8,5,5)has to be in oversold/overbuy zone.

Those are 3 (Elliot, Fibo grouping, Momentum) signals and than I'm going to second Time Frame: H1.

When  Momentum (DTOSC 21,13,8,8) on H1 will give signal (cross of lines in trade direction in oversold/overbuy zone) there will be orders:

Opening position will be 1pips under or 1pips + spread over signal H1 bar.

Always 2 positions: Long Term and Short Term.

Stop Loss will be over last low/high for both.

Short term position manage:

Target for short term is first most possible level. So that will be most often 50% of last wave - or 38,2 if it can be wave 3.
After reaching that level SL will be traill below/over last H1 bar.

If there will be opposite singal on Momentum (DTOSC 21,13,8,8) position will be trail just as it would reach target (trail +1 pips below/under last H1 bar)

Long term position manage:

Target for Long Term is far but possible. So for example if it's open on bottom of wave B - target will be most possible end of wave C (typical ABC correction)

But manage will be a little bit more complicated.

First - after reaching target of Short Position - SL will be moved to BE.

Second after second singal on H1 momentum after opening SL will be moved over last low/high before that signal.

After H4  Momentum (DTOSC 13,8,5,5) will give opposite signal trade will be trail stop below/over last H4 bar.

After reaching target it will be traill over last H1 bar.

So thats all - soon analysis ;)


More about my new project:

I'm working on some new. This will be fresh and new protal about brokers with real tests and tons of more.

Here is some info with background also:

Fast about me: I'm FX trader for about 6yrs. I'm doing it on full-time. Before I was investing on stocks exchange and regulated futures markets.
4yrs ago I made bigger money (not millions and that was time when my problems with brokers have begun. I was skalping with buy/sell stops with very shorts Stop Losses and EA moving SL in direction of transaction (non-profit trailing stop) - and that is something that brokers don' like.

After 4months of trading without any problems - huge slippages had begun (10-20pips on pending orders without news).
For all those years I have tried almost all top brokers - MMs, STPs, ECNs - some of them were very good, some worse - but the biggest problem is - there is no place where You can find information about brokers. On forums many opinions are from:

- brokers - just advertising themselves
- people trading there - but not looking on slippages, not using buy/sell stops (and that's the kind of order which shows in easiest way quality of broker)
- competitive brokers - telling lies.

Of course You can find some good opinions but they just disappear in this noise.
There are some brokers compare webs - but they advertise brokers who pay most, they don't trade there, they don't show facts.

Here is idea - and I want to see opinions about it, ideas to make something from traders to traders.
Portal which compare brokers - just like others do - so spreads, regulations, minimum deposit but what is most important:

- firstly some easier real compare: support compare. Trying them with easier and harder questions. Compare speed of answering, polite etc.
- interviews with important persons from brokers, show how brokers work, what is easy in their work and what is hard - and I hope many other ideas from our community

Most important idea:

Compare in real trading. For example lets take 5 best ECN. I will make account there, connect them to myfxbook and show real trading with skalping etc. So everyone would be able to see how orders really behave there. Where there are many slippages, where are real costs high, how execution looks like etc.
Such examinations would be make few times each year - because brokers often change their executions, Liquid Providers, commissions etc.
And many more ideas: ECN vs STP vs MM, showing how top robots doing in few brokers etc, etc.

This can only be made of course when portal will grow a little bit because money is needed to make account in 20 or so brokers, to make new account on someone else (when broker discovery that it is portal account) and there will be losses during test also.
Dream is to get to such point that when new broker comes I will make account, rate account making, support and show trading just after I will get information about new broker.
And what can be most important after it grow portal would be able to fix some bigger problems with brokers: such as big slippages/account closing/unable to withdraw money etc, etc.

Only money that can be made by such portal is becoming IB of every broker. No money from traders and other users. And no money from brokers to show them better than they are.

Please tell what You think about such project - what ideas can be use here, will You personally use such portal.

Its huge amount of time and work, money of course too. I'm almost not trading for over a month working on it (and trading is my only source of income) and I don't really know if someone is going to use such portal.




I'm working on some big project now - thats why I'm not active. I will write about it soon - I hope.


I'm still working on autochartist blog - I will show it when I will be experience enough with it. I'm working hard every day - making trades with it and watching it.


I will probably make new blog about autochartist.

Soon new web about brokers with some fresh projects.

But firstly - autochartist.

Also I dont forget about Miner and Fibo/Eliot strategy but its more difficult one and so few people are interested in that.